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The OPWC provides financing for local public infrastructure improvements through both the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP). SCIP is a grant/loan program for roads, bridges, water supply, wastewater treatment, storm water collection, and solid waste disposal. LTIP is a grant program for roads and bridges only. The programs run concurrently. Program information Link  

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July 2016 Loan Invoices - will go out in the mail and will be available on the web on May 16th, 2016. Please do not make a payment before that date, as the Remittance Sheet is required with payment.

NTPs - OPWC is now replying with emailed communications in response to electronic Requests to Proceed and won’t be mailing a form. We also post this information on our website.


2016 Fiscal Year End Close – The OPWC is preparing for the state fiscal year-end close. Once the financial system is shut down we will be unable to process disbursements until after July 1st. We guarantee payment of any disbursement that is complete and arrives in our office by June 15, 2016. In addition, the deadline for submitting new vendor information to Ohio Shared Services is June 10, 2016.

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Featured Projects
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