State of Ohio

Disbursement summaries by calendar year and disbursement letters for each calendar month are available here. Summary listings are in .xls spreadsheet or PDF format. Copies of actual disbursement letters are in PDF format. The Disbursement summary can be used to establish the date of the Disbursement. Both Excel spreadsheets and pdf files can be searched using "CTRL + F".

Disbursement Summary by Calendar Year

Year 2011 (.xls)  
Year 2014 (.pdf)  
Year 2017 (.pdf)  

Year 2012 (.pdf)  
Year 2015 (.pdf)  

Year 2013 (.pdf)  
Year 2016 (.pdf)  

Disbursement Letters by Month of Disbursement

Jan 2016 (.pdf)  
Apr 2016 (.pdf)  
Jul 2016 (.pdf)  
Oct 2016 (.pdf)  

Jan 2017 (.pdf)  
Apr 2017 (.pdf)  
Jul 2017 (.pdf)  
Oct 2017 (.pdf)  

Jan 2018 (.pdf)  
Apr 2018 (.pdf)  

Feb 2016 (.pdf)  
May 2016 (.pdf)  
Aug 2016 (.pdf)  
Nov 2016 (.pdf)  

Feb 2017 (.pdf)  
May 2017 (.pdf)  
Aug 2017 (.pdf)  
Nov 2017 (.pdf)  

Feb 2018 (.pdf)  
May 2018 (.pdf)  

Mar 2016 (.pdf)  
Jun 2016 (.pdf)  
Sep 2016 (.pdf)  
Dec 2016 (.pdf)  

Mar 2017 (.pdf)  
Jun 2017 (.pdf)  
Sep 2017 (.pdf)  
Dec 2017 (.pdf)  

Mar 2018 (.pdf)