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 OPWC News - Announcements

DPWIC Schedules - Integrating Committees are in the process of developing schedules for upcoming Round 32. Schedules will be posted as they become available.

 OPWC Updates

CIR - These are no longer required by the OPWC; however, districts have discretion as to whether to include them as part of their rating and ranking process which should be specified in their methodologies. Check with your district to see if they require a CIR as part of the project application. More information  

 District Meetings and Notices

Meeting Location - Carlisle Township Station, 11950 LaGrange Rd, LaGrange, Ohio 44050 unless otherwise noted.

Meeting Schedule -  Round 32
Applications due to County Engineer’s office: 9/1/2017
Executive and Integrating Committee Meeting: 12/1/2017
Submittal to OPWC: 1/5/2018