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Emergency Program

NOTICE (February 21, 2019) – The Emergency Program is out of funding until July 1, 2019. We apologize but, unfortunately, the needs have exceeded the availability of funds. You may submit a Pre-Application with required attachments to your program representative if you would like to be considered for funding in July.

OPWC reserves funding for emergency projects that arise directly out of catastrophic situations that involve an immediate threat to public health and safety, and for which there is no alternative way of addressing the project through local funding or other resources. Emergency funds are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Funding requests are accepted year round. The current annual allocation is $3.5 million.

Examples of Emergencies
Emergency Projects  

If you believe you have a project that qualifies as an emergency begin by contacting the appropriate program representative . The program representative will determine if you should submit qualifying documentation  for the Director's consideration.

Based on the Director’s review of this information a Letter of Approval/non-approval will formally notify the applicant of the outcome. If approved, an OPWC Application for Financial Assistance is required to issue a formal agreement with Authorizing Legislation, CFO Certification, and signed/stamped Engineer’s Weighted Useful Life Statement if not previously provided. Please see our Application webpage for this information

Funded Projects

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