State of Ohio
Emergency Fund - Qualifying Information

The applicant must submit the following information to be considered for funding. Complete Pre-Application     which contains items 1 through 5 below, and attach information as described in items 6 through 8.

  1. Nature of the emergency — Provide a description of the project and the reason for the emergency. Describe the event and the threat to health and safety. This includes the loss of vital or emergency services requiring an unreasonable delay or detour. Problems resulting from neglect, inadequate maintenance, poor planning, or caused by aging and/or normal deterioration are ineligible.

  2. Status of alternative infrastructure — Is other infrastructure available to compensate for the failed system? Include information on any alternative routes for road and bridge projects.

  3. Availability of other funding sources — Are any other funds (federal, state or local) available? List any other funding agencies that have been contacted.

  4. History — How long has the applicant been aware of the problem?

  5. Project Schedule — The project must be ready to proceed immediately. Include a project schedule.

  6. Include photographs and a map showing the location of the emergency and any possible detours required for emergency and residential access, if applicable.

  7. Provide a detailed cost estimate from a registered professional engineer as well as a useful life statement. Also indicate the amount of funds the applicant will contribute toward the project.

  8. Provide any additional information deemed relevant (e.g. letters from local officials and residents, newspaper reports, etc.).