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    Payment Information

Prior to requesting payment to a vendor, a Request to Proceed is required. If the vendor is not on file with the State of Ohio, the vendor must first register with Ohio Shared Services. Once these steps are complete, the OPWC will issue a Notice to Proceed and disbursement requests may then be submitted.

    Vendor Forms - Ohio Shared Services

A Request to Proceed cannot be issued without this information being on file with the State of Ohio.

Forms are available on the Ohio Shared Services website:  .   For questions, please contact the Ohio Shared Services Contact Center at 1-877-644-6771 or email

•  Form OBM-4310 - Authorization Agreement For Direct Deposit Of EFT Payments. OPWC can't wire payments to vendors but vendors are encouraged to have their payments made by direct deposit by completing and submitting Form OBM-4310. Direct deposit information should be submitted directly to Ohio Shared Services. EFT can take up to 30 days to establish.

•  Form W-9 - Required for a vendor that is currently not in the state payment system (OAKS). New vendors must register online using the Supplier Self-Registration module of the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS)    .

•  OBM-5657 - Vendor Information Form should accompany each W-9 for entry into OAKS. Make sure you use the current version. (This form is only needed if the vendor is not currently in the system or if there is a change to the vendor name or address.)

•  OBM-7502 - Dear State of Ohio Potential Vendor Letter

    Request to Proceed

This form is necessary whenever OPWC is being asked to pay a vendor directly (contractor, supplier, consultant). This may be filled out electronically, printed and then submitted via e-mail, fax or US mail. Please do not submit both electronically and as a hard copy.

•  Request to Proceed Instructions   

•  Request to Proceed Form  


•  Appendix E Instructions . Have all authorized signatories sign page 2 and inform your program representative in writing if there is a change in any of these officials.

•  Payment Status – Use this link to see if the payment has been entered into OAKS and if so, the payment issuance date.  

•  Payment Confirmation – Letter to the CFO that a disbursement has been made. Sample letter.  

•  Disbursement History – These reports show payments made in a given year by Project Number.