State of Ohio
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    Ohio Supplier Portal

New vendors must create an account with the State of Ohio’s Enterprise Identity Management System, OH|ID, to access the Ohio Supplier Portal   .  The Portal is also used to make changes. Download the OBM Supplier Portal Navigational Guide for more information  .

    Request to Proceed

This form is necessary whenever OPWC is being asked to pay a vendor directly (contractor, supplier, consultant). This may be filled out electronically, printed and then submitted via e-mail, fax or US mail. Please do not submit both electronically and as a hard copy.

•  Request to Proceed Instructions   

•  Request to Proceed Form  


•  Appendix E Instructions . Have all authorized signatories sign page 2 and inform your program representative in writing if there is a change in any of these officials.

•  Payment Status – Use this link to see if the payment has been entered into OAKS and if so, the payment issuance date.  

•  Payment Confirmation – Letter to the CFO that a disbursement has been made. Sample letter.  

•  Disbursement History – These reports show payments made in a given year by Project Number.