State of Ohio
Green Space - NRAC Member Responsibilities

Natural Resource Assistance Councils required to be organized under Section 164.21 (A) of the Ohio Revised Code have the following responsibilities:

  • "A natural resources assistance council shall elect a chairperson, a vice chairperson, and other officers that the council considers appropriate." O.R.C. 164.21 (B)

  • "A council may adopt bylaws governing its operation, including bylaws that establish the frequency of regular meetings and any necessary procedures." O.R.C. 164.21 (B)

  • "A natural resources assistance council shall establish a prioritization and selection methodology system for applications submitted under section 164.23 of the Revised Code. The methodology shall be submitted to and approved by the director of the Ohio public works commission." O.R.C. 164.24 (B)

  • "Natural resources assistance councils shall review and approve or disapprove applications in accordance with sections 164.20 to 164.27 of the Revised Code for grants for projects..."defined in section 164.22 (A) and 164.22 (B) of the Revised Code.

  • Natural resources assistance councils shall forward approved projects to the Ohio Public Works Commission for final approval.

Reference: ORC Section 164.21