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Green Space - Site Sign Layout and Graphics

Signage is not required on OPWC Clean Ohio funded projects. However, if a local subdivision elects to erect signage then it must, at a minimum, contain the Green Space Conservation logo. See below for suggested signage guidelines. A standard layout increases public awareness through signage repetition.

  • Reasonable costs of signage will be considered an eligible expense and should be included under "Permits, Advertising, Legal" on page 1 of the Appendix E.
  • Disbursements will require a photograph of the sign and supporting invoice. Reimbursement will be based on the project’s applicable disbursement ratio.

The standardized layout is designed for an 8' x 4' sign.

  1. The top section is for the Clean Ohio Fund Green Space Conservation graphic screen with Clean Ohio Fund, Green Space Conservation Program screened over as specified .
  2. The lower section is for project information including the project name with the total project cost listed below it.

Green Space site sign layout  

Green Space Conservation logo graphic - JPG (.jpg)  
Green Space Conservation logo graphic - Portable Document Format (.pdf)  
Green Space Conservation logo graphic - Illustrator, Vector Graphic (.ai)  

Questions concerning the above information can be answered by contacting an OPWC Program Representative or by calling the OPWC at 614 466-0880.