State of Ohio
Loan Program


Beginning with the May 2017 billing we no longer mail invoices to loan recipients. They have been replaced with postcards reminding loan recipients that invoices are available on our website. Please see online instructions for printing.


July 2018 Invoices (*see first page for instructions on downloading*)
                                   Note: Invoices are 2 pages printed front and back, which includes a transmittal sheet for return with payment.

Loan Program Guidelines  

Loan Process Flowchart  

OPWC Loan Reports    (use CTRL + F to search for subdivision number, subdivision name or loan number)
         Loan Summary (Balances, Payoff Dates, Principal and Interest)          .XLS    
         Loan Amortization Schedules.       
         Loan Principal Paydown Report  

Auditor Loan Documents  

Loan Documents
         Resolution of Intent, Notification of Disbursement Method - Instructions  
         Resolution of Intent - Template  
         CFO Loan Repayment Letter - Instructions for Financial Assistance    (see page 10)
         Sample Promissory Note  

Net Indebtedness of a Subdivision
         OPWC loan repayments are not considered in calculation of overall net indebtedness of a subdivision pursuant to ORC 133.04(7).

Contact Information
        Abbey DeHart          Assistant CFO/Loan Officer       614 728-2466        
        Kirsten Howard        Assistant Loan Officer                614 728-0905