State of Ohio
Site Sign Layout and Graphics

Construction signs are not required on OPWC-funded projects. However, if a local subdivision elects to erect signage then it may want elect to follow OPWC’s recommended standard layout to increase public awareness through signage repetition.

  • Reasonable costs of signage will be considered an eligible expense and should be included under "Permits, Advertising, Legal" on page 1 of the Appendix E.
  • Disbursements will require a photograph of the sign and supporting invoice. Reimbursement will be based on the project’s applicable disbursement ratio.

The standardized layout is designed for an 8' x 4' sign divided into three sections.

  1. The top section is for the OPWC logo graphic screen with The Ohio Public Works Commission screened over as specified .
  2. The middle section includes the project name with the total project cost listed below it.
  3. The lower section is for local project information such as state and local officials, contractors, consultants, or other information pertinent to the project.

OPWC site sign layout  

OPWC logo graphic - JPG (.jpg)  
OPWC logo graphic - Portable Document Format (.pdf)  
OPWC logo graphic - Illustrator Format (.ai)  

Questions concerning the above information can be answered by contacting an OPWC Program Representative or by calling the OPWC at 614 466-0880.