State of Ohio
OPWC Schedule

    Program Year

Program Years of the Ohio Public Works Commission are identified by the year in which applications recommended by the District Integrating Committees are approved and agreements are released to the local community. Advanced planning is necessary for local communities to select and submit their most competitive projects to the district. District committees must communicate their evaluation priorities and schedule to be used during the up-coming program year with local communities. Finally, the Commission reviews the district's recommendations and prepares project agreements and related materials.


The following schedule has been developed to allow approved projects to be released annually on July 1st:

  • May: The Commission's schedule for the up-coming program year, guidelines and other requirements are provided to the districts.
  • June: Districts provide the OPWC with the selection methodology to be used for the upcoming program year. They must also include their updated committee roster.
  • June-Sept: Local communities receive application materials, schedules and project selection procedures, including selection methodology, from their district. Districts receive applications.
  • Sept-Jan: Districts review applications and select projects to be recommended to the OPWC.
  • March 1st: Districts’ deadline for slate submission to OPWC.
  • Jan- May: Commission reviews and approves district recommendations. Local communities are notified of tentatively approved projects in March through June.
  • July 1st: Approved project agreements are released to the local communities by the OPWC.